Tired of half-assed transformations?

So are we!

VeneerCon 2022


Are you tired of half-assed transformations and bullshit org change?

Do you want to meet other folks who give a damn...and know how to have fun while doing it?

Join us in Nashville, Monday, July 18 from 6-9pm, for VeneerCon 2022!

Agenda for the evening

VeneerCon 2022 - Nashville Event Hosts

Come on out and meet other like-minded folks, such as Melissa, Doc, and Cat.

Eat some dinner. Chat with others. Have some drinks. Blow off steam. Watch some comedy. Learn something.

Melissa Boggs


Doc Norton


Cat Swetel


VeneerCon 2022 - An "Unstructured Space" event

VeneerCon events are designed to promote learning and improvement through authentic experiences and deep conversations in a dynamic, social environment.

VeneerCon uses the Unstructured Space format which adheres to three core principles:

  1. Provide food and drinks

  2. Provide entertainment or a fun activity

  3. Provide a dynamic social environment with loose prompts to guide deep conversation

Following these principles, registration for the event includes a buffet with heavy appetizers and 2 drink tickets to be used at the venue's bar!

Improv Comedy Games (Which Sponsor Is It Anyways?)

The entertainment for VeneerCon 2022 in Nashville will be an improv comedy competition called "Which Sponsor Is It Anyways?".

Four sponsor representatives will join each other on stage to compete in a series of improv comedy challenges guided from the audience and directed by a Host. Each challenge will be scored by a three-judge panel and the sponsor reps will be awarded points to determine a winner!

This sounds cool...I'd like to sponsor!

(The improv event will be coached and hosted by Nashville Improv!)

Cards Against Agility

Every table will have Veneer Consulting's "Cards Against Agility" deck. Each deck contains topical discussion cards that can be used as conversation prompts during the event. They also contain the instructions for our proprietary Story Pint estimation game! Feel free to take some with you!

VeneerCon 2022 Venue

The Nashville Palace

VeneerCon will be held in the "Front Room" of The Nashville Palace.

2611 McGavock Pk, Nashville, TN 37214

Only a 10 minute walk from the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center and Agile 2022!