Is this serious?

Oh, most definitely! Perhaps you've browsed our website or read through our Twitter feed and noticed a hint of satire? Well spotted! Veneer Consulting Inc. uses satire and parody to call out the serious issues of shallow change, half-assed transformations, and poor business culture and leadership.

However, VeneerCon is real. It is an in-person event that brings together 100-300 like-minded people tired of lip-service change and lack-luster business-as-usual. And want to do something about it while having some fun!

Are you a good fit to sponsor us?

That’s a fair question - we're certainly not for everybody.

Are you tired of shallow change, half-assed transformations, and poor business culture and leadership?

Is your company part of the solution?

Do you want to support like-minded people and help grow a community looking for real change?

Well then, our general position is that if you’re good with what we do, then we are glad to have your support!

I'd like more information

Download our prospectus for more details about the event and sponsorship levels and benefits.

Please email sponsorship@veneerconsulting.com if you have any questions or would like to get in touch.

A unique opportunity to engage!

At a typical event, you pay a premium to spend an hour or so with attendees. And luring folks to a booth is often a recipe for fleeting, shallow, non-memorable engagement.

But VeneerCon puts our Sponsors center stage…literally. You’ll show off your brand’s personality during Which Sponsor Is It Anyways? An audience-led, improv comedy competition where your reps compete as your company personified! All eyes are on you for 20 minutes. And then your reps have an easier time engaging for the entire event!